Well Women Health Check-up

Well Woman Health Check Up – Essential Gynaecology Services

A well woman check makes it possible to identify problems at their early stages so that it becomes effortless to handle them. Well woman health check up is the most complete and comprehensive health check up for women which includes a number of tests like pelvic examination, AMH ovarian tests etc, into one single and affordable package. Well Woman health check up has been personally designed by Mr. N. Agarwal, paying great attention to detail when it comes to your well being. All our tests are designed keeping in mind the different thresholds of pain different people have. Our Patients comfort is priority for us. We promise you a painless and hassle free experience at any of the four world class Hospitals, that Mr. Agarwal has privileges to. These checks are very simple to conduct irrespective of the patient’s age. A well woman check at Mr Agrawal’s clinic may includes the following :

  • Consultation
  • Pelvic Examination
  • Blood Pressure and BMI (Body Mass Index) Assessment
  • Cervical Smear (PAP test)
  • Contraception and Sexual Health Review

Results of Your Well Woman Health Check – Women’s Health Assessment

Following your well woman check at our clinic, Mr Agarwal will send you a detailed written report via email or post. We understand that privacy can be a great concern for our patients.To ensure this we have strict privacy protocols, which our staff has been trained extensively to follow, without any deviation. For added security, he will also send a copy to your GP. This report will explain your results, and if necessary you will be informed of prescription and referral arrangements. What’s more, you will also have direct access to a consultant 24/7 for any health concerns. Walk into any of our four locations to avail the complete well woman health check up with a gynaecologist is recommended for all age groups. At his well woman clinic, Mr Agarwal offers a comprehensive range of gynaecological services. You may add the following onto your well woman check at an additional cost:

  • HPV & subtyping test
  • Blood tests – haemoglobin, CA125, thyroid profile, cholesterol profile, vitamin D and ferritin levels
  • Swab tests for sexually transmitted infections
  • Ultrasound Scan