Testimonial 6

12 Apr 2018

My Agarwal performed a cystectomy on me recently. He is not only a great surgeon, but he also cares very much about his patients. Another consultant had previously said the cyst was too big to remove by laparoscopy (key-hole surgery) and that there was a 95% chance he would have to remove my ovary too. I found Mr Agarwal’s details online and was able to be referred to him. Although he agreed with the previous consultant, he listened to and understood my concerns. He said that, although laparotomy would be preferential, he would try to remove the cyst by laparoscopy first, and then, if he found it necessary, would change to a laparotomy. He also said that there was a 6-7 in 10 chance he would have to remove the ovary. It was really touching that he gave me a big smile and waved as I walked past the room he was in to go to the operating theatre.