Unknown Vagina Problems That Every Woman Must Be Aware Of

A woman’s reproductive system is a unique system, designed by nature. It has the power to give birth, to provide an offspring to humankind. Technically, this system is a web of complex functions that are managed precisely by the hormones. Thus, hormonal balance is extremely important to ensure the smooth functioning of the system. A slight imbalance in the hormonal levels can derail the system resulting in many ailments and conditions.


Most of these problems are physically observed in the vaginal regions of the reproductive system. Vaginal problems manifest differently in every woman, which can be due to yeast infection, periods, birth control, sex, infections of the urinary tract, so on and so forth. Apart from the common issues, there are a set of additional problems that lead to unexplained pain, unwanted discharge and formation of lumps in the vagina, causing further discomfort in women. So, let us check out the unknown vaginal problems that need urgent medical attention for vaginal itching treatment and vaginal swelling treatment.



Vaginitis is a condition that is described by vaginal itching and vaginal discharge. This condition happens when there is an imbalance between the good and bad bacteria inside the vagina. You must consult your private gynaecologist for your vaginal discharge testing if the vaginal discharge gives out a foul smell or it is bloodstained.



Vulvodynia is described as chronic and prolonged pain around the region that surrounds the vagina. And this chronic pain is not a result of any medical condition, skin disease or an infection. Vulvodynia affects approximately 21% of sexually active women. The signs of vulvodynia can be further described as a sharp and stabbing pain, itching, burning and immense discomfort. Vaginal pain treatment can help you repel this condition.


Bartholin cysts or lumps

A pair of glands called Bartholin glands are located on both the sides of the lips of the vagina. They secrete the lubricating liquid. The lump problem arises when the secretion process gets blocked. As a result, the floods accumulate inside the glands resulting in the formation of lump or swelling. Sometimes, the lumps grow rapidly and cause a lot of pain because of the infection. If you see such a lump, then seek treatment from a private gynaecologist.


Imperforate hymen

This is a natural disorder wherein the vagina is entirely blocked by the hymen, obstructing the natural outflow of the menstrual blood. This condition is mainly diagnosed among adolescent girls who suffer from amenorrhea and experience cyclic pelvic pain.


Vaginal muscle spasm

This condition is described as the tightness of the pelvic floor and the vaginal muscles, resulting in their contraction and spasm. Vaginal muscle spasm is unpleasant, very painful and can lead to cramps in women who suffer from this condition. The reason for this problem can be psychological, such as depression and anxiety. Therefore, the problem can be resolved easily through psychological therapy.


Vulvar varicosity

Sometimes, you may observe swelling blue veins around the vulva, i.e. the region surrounding your vagina, or a feeling of pressure or fullness. These signs are most commonly observed during pregnancy. Also, prolonged standing can aggravate this problem. Cold compresses, swimming and avoiding standing for long hours can greatly help with relieving these symptoms.


The problems listed above are the least talked about, but still observed in most women. If a woman is suffering from vaginal itching or vaginal pain, then they should undergo vaginal pain treatment and vaginal itching treatment, rather than suffering from the problem in silence.


The diagnosis of such problems starts with vaginal discharge testing, which leads to vaginal swelling treatment. An expert private gynaecologist can help you find relief from these painful unhealthy conditions. Do not endure these issues for prolonged periods, because gradually, they will start to affect you emotionally and mentally, which will impact your life.


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Top 6 Ways To Treat Vaginal Pain

If you are suffering from burning irritation or tenacious pain in your vagina for a while, then you know firsthand the toll it takes on your emotional as well as physical health. Still, several women prefer to bear it in silence, seldom sharing their problems with the gynaecologist.

According to the latest study, around 26% of women encounter vaginal pain at a certain period in their lifetime. However, only 2% seek help. With the different types of treatment options available, any woman who encounters vaginal pain should get it looked at immediately. So, let us check out the top six vaginal pain treatment options for women.

Physical therapy

There is no one cause for vaginal pain or vulvodynia. Many factors contribute to vaginal pain. These factors may be different for every woman. The pain can be generally linked to an injury or damage to the pudendal nerve, arising out of surgery or childbirth, arthritis, ruptured disc and sports injury.

The various techniques used by physical therapy include soft tissue mobilisation, ultrasound, trigger pain release, joint mobilisation. Manual therapy is also helpful to treat pain arising out of neurological problems.

The physical therapist would first ask for your complete medical history to determine the exact causes of your pain. Then they will conduct a structural and postural assessment before advising you about further vaginal pain treatment options.


Topical pain relief medication can be used to desensitise the region around the vulva. But, they are not an ideal treatment option, because they only mask or conceal the symptoms, instead of treating the problem at its root. Plus, these pain relief medications only offer temporary relief lasting only some hours. Later on, the pain regains its intensity and returns with force. Further, regular use of such medication can also lead to other areas of your body exhibiting side effects. Use of medicines is helpful when it is combined with other treatment options.


As per the latest research, acupuncture can prove effective at solving the problem of vaginal pain or vulvodynia. According to studies, acupuncture can help enhance sexual functions and decrease vaginal pain significantly. Plus, it also helps with vaginal itching treatment.


Sometimes the pelvic floor muscles can become weak and tighten as they react to chronic vaginal pain. This may further increase the intensity of the pain. Biofeedback helps to elongate the pelvic floor muscles. In the biofeedback process, internal electrodes attached to the system measure the activity of the muscles in the pelvic floor with the help of a computer. The system also teaches women about how they could strengthen and relax their muscles around the pelvic region.


Psychotherapy can be used to initiate behavioural and mental changes to enhance sexual functioning and reduce the pain in the vagina.

Excessive distress and strain of the vaginal pain for a woman can affect the way her brain processes it, leading to behavioural changes in all aspects of her life. The therapy helps reduce this impact of vaginal pain and engage more with her sex life.


TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a type of electrical stimulation that helps to disorient or disturb the chronic cycle of pain by over-firing or facilitating the generation of more neurons in the pelvic region.

These are the top six methods that can treat vaginal pain effectively. Most of the time, the real cause of vaginal pain is not known, which results in haphazard treatment options. You should consult an experienced private gynaecologist in London to receive efficient vaginal itching treatment.

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