Things To Know For Your Daughter’s Gynaecologist Visit 

Your daughter has become a teenager now and you notice certain changes in her body. You might be wondering whether it’s time yet to let her start seeing the gynecologist. As recommended by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), it is the ideal time for girls between 13 and 15 to start visiting a private gynecologist.

Why Should Your Daughter See a Gynecologist While in Her Teens?

Right from the first years to a teenage period, young girls start showing up various physical changes and development. It is the growing stage when the body starts preparing for years to come, more specifically for her conceiving stages.

It is, therefore, important for your daughter to receive the right health care at the right time. It is also necessary for your daughter to learn about the reasons for each of her body changes to help her manage things more independently. Doctors recommend going for an early checkup to ensure that your daughter has good reproductive health.

Benefits of Visiting a Professional Gynecologist

Your daughter is approaching the puberty period or is already experiencing it. Here are some factors why visiting a gynecologist during this period is beneficial for your daughter’s well-being.

It helps your daughter to become self-confident. Experiencing unexpected changes in her body, your daughter might even become puzzled or afraid. Having the support of a professional is probably the most crucial step towards developing the self-confidence of the girl as she will start handling things more maturely.

Developing a strong relationship between your daughter and gynecologist. Your daughter might not always find it comfortable to discuss everything with you. Talking with a gynecologist will build a strong bonding between your daughter and her gynecologist, which will help her to share more personal things in the years to come.

Discussing personal things. Consulting a private gynecologist will help your daughter discuss whether she has been sexually active recently or is planning to be in the coming days. She might also address any issues in her menstruation cycle. This will make her gynecologist have a clear idea about certain issues and will come up with more specific or confidential solutions or advice.

Hidden issues might be addressed immediately. It is essential to catch any minor issues that might be present during the early stages so that any possible threats of a problem turning into a serious complication can be controlled.

Prevention. It is also vital for your daughter to learn about the importance of having safe sex to prevent unwanted pregnancy or STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). Her gynecologist can also tell her about some healthy lifestyle tips. It is essential to help her realize the significance of leading a healthy life in a very cordial manner.

Even though most girls would not require to undergo a pelvic test in the initial days of the visit, an ideal private gynecologist London will simply perform a regular health examination and discuss to the girl about various stages of development, especially during her teen years.

How to Encourage Your Daughter into Visiting the Gynecologist?

Your daughter might initially feel embarrassed or nervous at the idea of seeing a gynecologist, but it is your responsibility to make her realize the importance of such a visit.

  • Explain why your daughter needs to make the visit.
  • Clearly explain what should she expect from her gynecologist.
  • Talk about the fears or issues she might be facing during her puberty period.

If you are confused about whom to consult, whether to go for a male or a female gynecologist or which might be the best private gynecology clinic in London, ask around and don’t hesitate to discuss this with your close ones. It is the matter of your daughter’s well being, and you have to find out a friendly and supportive gynecologist in London.

Complete Guide for Choosing a Good Healthcare Provider During Pregnancy

A Complete Guide for Choosing a Good Healthcare Provider During Pregnancy

With the advent of modern medicine, childbirth has become an extremely safe procedure, and the number of complications during the process has been at all time lows. Private gynecologists can be found in just about any part of the world and are medical professionals who specialise in the health of the female reproductive organs. Obstetricians are professionals who specialise in the process of childbirth. A good gynecologist or an obstetrician can help you sail through the process of pregnancy and childbirth. However given the number of private practitioners, it can be a bit tricky to find the right one for you. Read our guide that will tell you all you need to know, to avail a good healthcare provider during pregnancy:

  • The stage: The first thing that should dictate your choices, is the stage of pregnancy. Many a time, women only find out about being pregnant after 8 weeks or more. In such a case you will have to immediately consult a specialist as there are certain complications which could have fomented and you will need to find out about them using early pregnancy tests that should have happened earlier. Mr. N Agarwal has a rich experience in Gynecology, and is one of the topmost consultants in London. Well Women has been designed with a view to provide complete, healthcare to women, during the entire term of pregnancy.

  • First time mothers: First time mothers are to be extra cautious with pregnancy, compared to women who have experienced childbirth before. If you are pregnant for the first time, you need to find the best consulting gynaecologist in town who will help ease your nerves throughout the whole process. Pregnancy can take a mental toll on the mother’s health, and it is important to avail all round care under one practitioner to ensure a stable and hassle free experience.

  • Health history: Your previous health history should also be taken into consideration when choosing a healthcare provider. If you are suffering from conditions like diabetes, childbirth will be a more complicated process. In such a case, it is the best to approach a medical practitioner who can work with other physicians and experts to ensure health of the baby and the mother.

We have told you briefly about some tips to choose the right healthcare provider during pregnancy. We hope this guide has been informative and will prove useful to you. Reach out to Mr. N Agarwal, if you have any further questions regarding pregnancy and childbirth. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

An Early Pregnancy Scan: Here What You Need to Know

An Early Pregnancy Scan: Here What You Need to Know

Early pregnancy scans are perhaps the most important part of medical supervision throughout the duration of pregnancy. Pregnancy can give the jitters to all kinds of couples, especially first time mothers. Early pregnancy scans will help you assess the health of the foetus and plan a chart for the future accordingly. While the primary purpose of early pregnancy scans is to assess the date of delivery, they also serve a number of other functions to ensure the health of the mother and the baby. Mr. N Agarwal is one of the top consulting Gynaecologists in London, and he has designed well women with intricate care and early pregnancy scans are a standard part of the whole program, through which you will receive only the best medical supervision for your pregnancy. Want to know more about early pregnancy scans? Read our guide that will tell you all you need to know about them:

  • The duration: Early pregnancy scans can take place anywhere between six to eleven weeks. This is the primary period for gestation where the foetus begins to form and its important to carry out these scans for good health of the mother and the baby. While problems related to natal development are rarely detected during early scans, it’s still important to assess the growth of the foetus at this stage. The rule of the thumb is that the earlier you go for these scans, the better it is for you and the baby.

  • Multiples: Early pregnancy scans also throw light on whether you are expecting multiples, ie twins or triplets or a single baby. They can determine the gestational age of the babies and detect the heartbeat of the child or children, which is indeed special for all couples! Reach out to Mr. N Agarwal now for complete Nuchal translucency scans administered by expert support staff.

  • Alternative names: Early pregnancy scans are also known as viability scans or dating scans. The nomenclature depends largely on the medical practitioner you have approached.

  • Inconclusive scans: Sometimes you might receive the reports of an early pregnancy scan as inconclusive. This is nothing to worry about, and in most cases this means that it’s simply too early to detect foetal development. In rare cases this would also mean that the baby is not growing as expected and specialised medical intervention would be required.

  • Ultrasounds: Ultrasounds are the primary method used in early pregnancy scans and to prepare for the scan you will be required to empty your bladder in full so that a clear picture can be obtained by your gynaecologist.

We have told you briefly about the things you need to know for early pregnancy scans. We hope this guide has been informative and will prove useful for you. Reach out to Mr N. Agarwal who is one of the top consulting Gynaecologists in London for further queries. Have a great day ahead!

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Important Things to Know about Fertility Health Checks

As soon as a woman reaches her 30 the word “biological cycle” starts hitting her. People who have hardly been in a science class, start giving suggestions to have a child or it will be hard for her to get pregnant as her “biological cycle” is ticking. Due to this social pressure, most women start getting stressed and conscious about their fertility. For your fertility health, it is very important to avoid stress. It has an adverse effect on your body and mainly on fertility. In spite of it, start fertility health check by your own

so that you will know the right time to plan a family. Here are a few important things which you should know about fertility:

How do you conceive: Well, it is not so difficult for one to understand. It is about a woman’s body and one should know about it. Every month ovary produces an egg and releases it. Then the egg enters the Fallopian tube and stays for the next 24 hours. Within these 24 hours if it meets a sperm it gets fertile or else it breaks in the uterus.

When do you conceive: An egg survives for 24 hours and a sperm survives for 5 days in a woman’s body. It is important to have sperm in that 24 hours cycle if you want your egg to get fertilized. If the egg does not get fertile it breaks down and there is no chance of getting pregnant for that month until the next egg will release. So, if you are trying for pregnancy then you should start tracking your ovulation period. You can ensure about your pregnancy by female fertility test.

What is Ovulation: Usually women have period cycles of 28 days. 14 days just before the period starts is the ovulation day. It is the most possible time when you can get pregnant. Some women have 32 days period cycle, for those, 18 days before periods is the ovulation day. Now, when you know it, you can easily track your ovulation period. Nowadays there are many applications and kits available which can help to track ovulation periods. You can use it for your ovulation tracking.

What irregular periods indicate: If your periods are irregular then it can be hard for you to track your ovulation period. That does not mean that you are not ovulating. Irregular periods are not always a case of worry. It can be because of hormonal changes in the body or change in your routine. If your periods are irregular for once or twice in a year then it is not a big thing to worry for. But if it is the case for every month then you must visit a private gynecologist as it can be a sign of PCOS.

These are some important factors which a woman should know when she is planning for a baby. If you know about it, it becomes easy for you to track a perfect time when you should try. Though you know about all this, it may take up to 6 months for you to see positive results. If you have a positive result then you can go for an early pregnancy scan. Early pregnancy scan can be done within 6 to 10 weeks of pregnancy. It helps to diagnose whether everything is fine with your pregnancy or not.

Choose The Best Private Gynecologist In London

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Private Gynecologist During Pregnancy

There are several big private gynaecology clinics in London. However, some are more exclusive clinics of leading private gynecologists. In London, women usually prefer visiting private clinics under one doctor like Dr. N. Agarwal’s Well Woman Clinic. These specialists only attend to a few patients at a time, and provides women very complicated healthcare services.

However, very few private gynecologists also have fertility treatment credentials. Though there are so many private gynaecology clinics, London’s best fertility clinics provide a very specific service. These clinics specialize in helping women who have fertility problems.

If you’re having an assisted pregnancy, or you have had a miscarriage before; you need to see a specialist like Dr. N. Agarwal. At the Well Woman clinic, he uses his deep insight and experience to guide the mother through the crucial first trimester of the pregnancy.

The Most Important Visits to a Private Gynecologist during Pregnancy:

If you’re booking appointments at any private gynaecology clinic in London, you will need to book early. At private gynaecology clinics in London, you sign up for specialist medical attention. You may need to change doctors across the different terms of your pregnancy, but that guarantees better care. Since the best doctors like Dr. N. Agarwal have very limited time, they only attend to a limited number of patients at a time.

The vital cycle for clinical visits during the first trimester of your pregnancy is:

(a) The 6 Week Visit: This is the crucial first month period when the pregnancy needs to be confirmed. Even if your periods have stopped, the pregnancy may not have commenced. Only specialized observation and scans by your private gynecologist would reveal whether the embryo has attached to the uterine wall successfully.

(b) At 8 Weeks: This is the stage when your visit to any of these private gynaecology clinics in London would be about dating your pregnancy. Your attending doctor must be very accurate with his predictions, which takes years of clinical experience.

(c) At 10 Weeks: By this stage, it would be determined whether you are having a healthy pregnancy or not. Specialized blood-work, chromosomal tests, and specialized tests like the IONA® test confirm the health of the foetus and the mother. You would also need to undergo a few weekly ultra-sound scans for a better diagnosis.

(d) At 13 Weeks: Private gynecologists like Dr. N Agarwal complete a final review before signing you off to a pregnancy guidance oby-gyn or maternity specialist for the rest of your term. This is a crucial stage for your health check. The Well Woman Clinic has a special wellness check program which holistically tracks hormonal, blood constituent, and physiological health.