Medical Abortion — Myths You Might Believe

Unwanted pregnancy is common among women who are sexually active and have practiced unprotected sex. Medical abortions are the safest and the best way to take care of unwanted pregnancy. However, there are so many myths surrounding medical abortion that people fail to understand its true benefits. So, let us check out the myths and the corresponding facts of private medical abortion in London.

Myth: Medical abortion can be dangerous.

Fact: Any kind of surgical or medical invention has its benefits and risks. It is for this reason why private pregnancy termination clinics provide truthful and unbiased information and advice to any patient considering medical abortion. However, medical abortion has a better safety record in comparison to other medical procedures. As per reports, surgical and medical abortions together have lesser than one percent of the instances of developing into major complications.

Therefore, medical abortion is comparatively safer than other forms of medical treatments, and the patient usually gets discharged within a few hours.

Myth: Medical abortions are unbearably painful.

Fact: Every person experiences a different level of pain when it comes to medical abortions. And there isn’t another safer method to take care of unwanted pregnancy than medical abortion. You would experience a certain degree of discomfort after abortion, but the pain wouldn’t be that extreme as many claim it to be. Miscarriages, childbirth, as well as abortion, carry the potential of causing a certain degree of pain because the process involves the contraction of the uterus wall.

In medical abortion, the second medication — misoprostol — causes contractions in the uterine wall, which may feel like labor pain or strong menstrual cramps during the procedure. As the degree of pain experienced by people vary greatly, it becomes difficult to predict the exact amount of pain a particular patient would experience during the abortion process. However, doctors provide proper medication to help relieve the pain, and the procedure is also a safe one.

Myth: Medical abortions are risky for teenagers.

Fact: No. Adolescents and teenagers can undergo safe private medical abortions. The process is safe, and it doesn’t exhibit any side effects. However, they require parental guide, involvement and support to undergo the procedure. Law mandates that teenagers or adolescents should be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians during the medical abortion procedure.

Myth: Medications for abortion is easily available on prescription.

Fact: Unfortunately, the lack of awareness stemming from social stigma around medical abortion has led to the creation of various laws and regulations over and above the already present necessary laws to protect the patient’s safety. In spite of the lower risk of developing complications, mifepristone — the medication required for medical abortion is not made available at regular pharmacies. Private gynaecologists in London who simply want to prescribe medication for medical abortion cannot do so due to stringent regulations. The gynaecologist has to register with the manufacturer and place an order for the medications directly with them. It is for this reason why very few private practitioners provide medical abortion to patients.

Therefore, the best way to do an abortion is to find certified private pregnancy termination clinics in your area. The failure rate of medical abortion is low —  lesser than four percent approximately when done during the first 70 days of pregnancy.

Myth: Medical abortion can be reversed.

Fact: No. This myth is the best example of a self-assurance story promoted by the pseudoscience and stigma supporting abortion. The stigma obstructs the flow of crucial information onto the masses. As a result, such unproven claims and stories take shape to provide false comfort to the ignorant. Medical abortion is an irreversible process. Any false claims or practices will only endanger the life of the patient. Once the process starts and the patient is administered the medications, the course has to continue to its logical end to ensure a safe medical abortion. Any unnecessary doses or secondary medications would jeopardize the entire procedure, putting the life of the patient in grave danger.

So, the patient must make up their mind well in advance before agreeing to this procedure. There is no such option of canceling the process midway once it is initiated.

These are the most prevailing myths that should be busted to allow the flow of factual information. After all, women should get the information they deserve.

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Pros and Cons of Medical Abortion That Everyone Must Know

Do you know the pros and cons of medical abortion? If you have no information about medical abortion, then you need to pay attention to the article. We have come here to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of abortion. First of all, you should know some basic things related to the topic. There are lots of facts that you should keep in mind. Abortion is a kind of safe procedure, and there is no difficulty in doing this process.

On the other hand, there are different types of abortion procedures, and you can go with private abortion in London to know the processes. Medication abortion is a facility that is also known as an abortion pill and a more natural method to stop pregnancy. The medication or pills are given by the trained doctors, and they treat them very well. Now, let’s talk about the topic.

What is abortion?
Medical abortion is a kind of process in which the patient takes the medications. The expert doctors who know the medicine they accurately give the drug to their patient. Most of the expert safely treat their patient with the pills of abortion. You can go with private medical abortion in London to know about the treatment process. The term is known as medical abortion to stop the pregnancy. Now, let’s talk about the pros and cons of medication abortion that you need to understand.

Pros of Medical Abortion
1. Medical abortion is a kind of method in which you will not have to face the pain. The pills are pain-free and give better results.

2. The medications are given by the expert doctors, and they give the best remedy that has no elements to produce infection, so we can say pills are infection-free.

3. You can get the best treatment confidently with the medication and take advantage at home with the home treatment. The drug can stop unwanted pregnancy at home.

4. A female can efficiently take-home treatment for abortion, and that is possible with the medications. The medications are more comfortable to take at home. You can go with private abortion in London to know more about the pros of medical abortion. Females do not have to take the help of surgical instruments. On the other hand, they do not have to receive treatment from anaesthesia.

5. You do not have to pay an extra fee for abortion because there you have only pills. You do not have to pay the price to doctors and save your money. On the other hand, you can save the charge of hospitalization and travelling fee too.

Cons of Medical Abortion
1. You may have pelvic pain after taking the abortion pills. The medication can cause various harmful opposing effects. You can go with private medical abortion in London to know more about the cons of medical abortion.

2. The pelvic pain is one of the leading examples of the medication treatment of abortion.

3. Some women face the problem in their vagina. They get the issues because of the extra dosage of the pills.

4. They may suffer from the inflammation of the vagina, and that can happen after taking the medication of abortion.

We have discussed some pros and cons of medical abortion. You need to consult with the best gynaecologist in London to take the treatment. The pills are beneficial but also have some disadvantages that a person should understand.

Importance of Medical Abortion for Women

Facing an unexpected and unwanted pregnancy and jeopardize one’s life. In such a situation deciding whether to abort or not is an extremely personal choice. However, the choice is not uncommon. A huge population of women chooses private abortion in London when they face an unwanted pregnancy. There are two kinds of abortion that are used by medical professionals. One is surgical abortion, and the other is medical abortion. Medical abortion refers to the process of abortion, where no surgery is used, and the abortion is completed with the help of medication. It is safe and effective, and thus many women prefer medical abortion over surgical ones.


Private medical abortion in London can only be carried out when a pregnancy is within the first ten weeks of the first trimester. This has to be determined by an ultrasound. The first medicine used in the process of mifepristone, and it stops the process of the pregnancy proceeding any further. The second medicine that is used is misoprostol, and it makes the uterus to shed off the pregnancy. The FD approves both of these medications, and they are entirely safe and effective. Given the fact that medical abortion is done in two steps, you will require to visit the medical facility twice. Partly you will have to be in your home as well, and you will have to be in good health. Another essential part of the process is having a reliable system of transportation in case of emergency situation arises.


In order to ensure a successful medical abortion, the private gynaecologist in London will give you your first dose of the medicine mifepristone. This drug will block the progesterone, a hormone that helps the pregnancy to proceed. You will also be asked to take antibiotics in this step. As you will enter the second phase of your medication, you will be given misoprostol after a gap of 24-48 hours. Most of the women choosing medical abortion over surgical ones prefer to go through this stage at their homes. The medicine misoprostol causes cramps in the uterus and also cause a heavy flow of bleeding and is very similar to the symptoms that take place if one has an early miscarriage.


Medical abortions are quite useful and work almost 98% of the time on women who are pregnant up to ten weeks. FDA approves the use of medical abortion on a woman pregnant for no more than seven weeks. So, in case you have already entered your eight weeks or more, you will need to take the help of private surgical abortion London. Also, in some rare situations, medical abortion fails, and then to ensure a successful abortion, one needs to undergo a surgical abortion.


The process of medical abortion allows you to go back to your regular life after a day or two. However, you will have to deal with heavy blood flow and blood clots for almost two weeks. You will be required to use sanitary pads and avoid tampons during this time.

How to Prepare Yourself Before Your Medical Abortion?

If you are pregnant and have decided to get an abortion, you should be well prepared for it. It is natural to have many questions regarding this, and you should get them resolved at the earliest. Although people around you might make you feel as if getting an abortion done is not the right decision, you shouldn’t get influenced by them. You should talk to a private gynaecologist and clear all your doubts.
Before you choose to get an abortion, you should know that there are two types of abortion procedures – surgical and medical.

Surgical abortion is the widely followed one because it is the safest procedure when it comes to abortion. The best time to perform a surgical abortion is during the first trimester when there are little or no complications. Private surgical abortion London clinics will guide you more about this.

Another option is medical abortion. In this procedure, no surgical process is used to remove the fetus from a woman’s uterus. Private medical abortion London clinics will guide you more about this. This process is used only till 63 days of gestation. This is because of the risks involved in the process.

No matter what procedure you choose, you should prepare yourself well before the abortion. In this article, we will tell you some useful steps to follow before a medical abortion.

1. If you’ve decided to undergo a medical abortion, the first thing you should do is confirm that you are pregnant. You can do this by yourself using a urine pregnancy test available at your nearest pharmacy. You can also go to a nearby lab and get a blood test and USG done. Although USG is not the right test to confirm pregnancy, you get to know the length of your pregnancy.

2. Once you are sure about your pregnancy and know its length, you should consult a doctor and decide if the medical abortion is the right procedure for you.

3. You should be aware of the fact that medical abortion involves the administration of pills. There are two types of medicines available in the market. One of them is mifepristone. This drug works by stopping the pregnancy by blocking the hormone progesterone. The other drug is misoprostol, which leads to the contraction of the uterus, forcing it to expel the tissue responsible for the pregnancy.

Apart from knowing these medical complications, you should also make yourself aware of any legislation in your country related to abortion. Some states make counseling sessions a must before you undergo a medical abortion.

You should also let go of any financial stress you can have due to the procedures involved in abortion. Stress can cause complications in the process. The best way to do this is to see if you have any medical insurance and if this is covered under that.

Also, understand that it is not important to tell everyone about abortion. It is your choice to announce it to all or to keep it secret. Do what you are comfortable with because this your decision and you shouldn’t be influenced by anyone else.