5 Useful Things To Know About Your Natural Fertility

Like many aspects of the female body, natural fertility too is shrouded by various misconceptions whether they be matters concerning overall fertility health or deciding when to see a fertility specialist. If you’re looking to get a female fertility test done, then here are a few useful things you should know about your natural fertility!

1) Pregnancy naturally has a rate of around 15 to 20 percent per cycle

With the general rate of natural pregnancy being about 90% for couples who try within their first year and extremely low on their first month of trying, this percentile isn’t bad signifying good odds overall. Provided there are no major barriers (such as blocked tubes) then chances of young couples achieving pregnancy within one year of trying are high.

2) Infertility

One in eight couples will have difficulty conceiving due to a variety of factors whether it be categorized under male factors or female factors or a combination of both. Infertility is common and one does not need to have a family history of fertility issues. Varying from person to person there is definitely no one size fits all so the best thing you can do for yourself is discuss this with your fertility specialist for definite answers.

3) You don’t need to wait to see a fertility specialist

A fertility specialist will always provide an individualized treatment approach which will be based on simple diagnostic testing which will help them in understanding what your needs are in terms of you facing infertility. Although there are some recommended guidelines concerning when to go see a fertility specialist, it’s important to see a specialist to be aware about your own body.

4) Sexual course timing may not be exact

Although easier for women with regular periods to determine this, it become quite tricky for those with irregular periods to determine their window of fertility which is 6 days prior to ovulation which may be tricky thereby to determine.

5) Claims of food and herbal therapies

With the helpful nature and such good groups, you will hear many people with good intentions claiming to have unlocked the secret of infertility. More important however, just because it holds the claim of being natural does in no way mean that it is safe so make sure you are careful of that as well!
You must always ensure that you are getting treated from a qualified professional and before trusting other various methods consult your trusted professional. Before going directly for a fertility test you can also visit your private gynaecologist to determine the status of your fertility with various trusted gynaecology clinics in London.

5 Unknown Things That You Should Aware About Your Fertility

Fertility is one of the biggest issues of the time. Many men and women face this issue as their age increases. However, these days infertility is a common issue amongst the youth as well. However, to know issues related to infertility, you need to know your fertility well enough. There are several factors affecting fertility like your age, nutrition level, weight, hormones, genes, etc. You can get your female fertility test done at any of the London gynecology clinic. This article states some facts about fertility that you must know –

  • Your genes play a big role in determining your fertility. Genes are the main reason how your hormones act and behave and thus genes play a major role right from the start since they also affect how many eggs you have since birth. With every menstrual cycle, one of your egg gets released and thus if you fertilize this egg then it will result in your pregnancy, if you don’t then you won’t be pregnant.
  • Your age plays a major role in determining your fertility and thus more your age lesser is your fertility rate. Hence, many a times women find it difficult to conceive a baby in their old age. One of the main reasons is that the eggs also go down in number and with the ageing their quality also decreases. This affects fertility greatly and thus it isn’t hormonal issues affecting fertility when the woman is above the age of 35.
  • Your nutrition and lifestyle also play a major role in determining your fertility. With a consumption of low nutrition food and high fats there are high chances of you to be infertile.
  • Your weight also affects your fertility. Being obese or underweight can lower your fertility since it affects your reproductive organs too.

It is the best if you have regular periods every month. This shows that you are fertile and have a constant fertility pattern. If you have irregular fertility patterns, then it means that you probably have some issues with fertility, and you must get your fertility tested. Many a times you have organs that are damaged, and this causes issues related to fertility.

By opting for a female fertility test at a London Gynaecology clinic you can get complete information about your fertility and take any corrective actions if necessary.

5 Things You Must Know About Female Fertility Test

A female fertility test is not something that we pay much attention to, it is just like one of the usual things that we neglect. Only when you plan on having a baby or something of that certain, does the thought of female fertility arises in your minds.

The five most important things that you need to know about a female fertility test are:


The eggs in your ovaries are the ones that are developed over time, actually, there are about two million eggs that you are born with, but these eggs, over the time, reduce gradually due to the menstrual cycle and several other reasons. There is no such way to increase the number of eggs in your ovaries, plus, studies say that the number of eggs that you possess is actually more than enough in order to ensure childbirth and there is no need to implant more eggs, nor can it be done.


When you use IUDs for birth control this qualm always wanders around in your head and you are worried if using it might affect your fertility or not. To break the myth or the stereotype that exists, using an IUD as a birth control option does not affect the fertility or your eggs at all. It is just that, it makes the eggs inhospitable while the device is in, but once it is out, your body is normal as it can be.


We have this question that can we get pregnant if we do not have an orgasm, does it decrease the chance of you being pregnant. Well, as pleasurable and satisfying an orgasm might be, not having one certainly does not decrease your chance of being pregnant.


A birth control surely does prevent the ovulation process at the time, but it does not devastate the other eggs that are there within, nor does it pile-up all those additional eggs for future use, the eggs remain intact and gradually decrease over time.

Eating habits:

There are ample of food items that are claimed to be consumed in order to improve fertility, but as science suggests, there are no particular food items or eating habits that might affect your fertility

But a female’s fertility goes far beyond the conventional terms, and before opting for a well woman health check-up, these are the few things that you ought to know.

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Important Things to Know about Fertility Health Checks

As soon as a woman reaches her 30 the word “biological cycle” starts hitting her. People who have hardly been in a science class, start giving suggestions to have a child or it will be hard for her to get pregnant as her “biological cycle” is ticking. Due to this social pressure, most women start getting stressed and conscious about their fertility. For your fertility health, it is very important to avoid stress. It has an adverse effect on your body and mainly on fertility. In spite of it, start fertility health check by your own

so that you will know the right time to plan a family. Here are a few important things which you should know about fertility:

How do you conceive: Well, it is not so difficult for one to understand. It is about a woman’s body and one should know about it. Every month ovary produces an egg and releases it. Then the egg enters the Fallopian tube and stays for the next 24 hours. Within these 24 hours if it meets a sperm it gets fertile or else it breaks in the uterus.

When do you conceive: An egg survives for 24 hours and a sperm survives for 5 days in a woman’s body. It is important to have sperm in that 24 hours cycle if you want your egg to get fertilized. If the egg does not get fertile it breaks down and there is no chance of getting pregnant for that month until the next egg will release. So, if you are trying for pregnancy then you should start tracking your ovulation period. You can ensure about your pregnancy by female fertility test.

What is Ovulation: Usually women have period cycles of 28 days. 14 days just before the period starts is the ovulation day. It is the most possible time when you can get pregnant. Some women have 32 days period cycle, for those, 18 days before periods is the ovulation day. Now, when you know it, you can easily track your ovulation period. Nowadays there are many applications and kits available which can help to track ovulation periods. You can use it for your ovulation tracking.

What irregular periods indicate: If your periods are irregular then it can be hard for you to track your ovulation period. That does not mean that you are not ovulating. Irregular periods are not always a case of worry. It can be because of hormonal changes in the body or change in your routine. If your periods are irregular for once or twice in a year then it is not a big thing to worry for. But if it is the case for every month then you must visit a private gynecologist as it can be a sign of PCOS.

These are some important factors which a woman should know when she is planning for a baby. If you know about it, it becomes easy for you to track a perfect time when you should try. Though you know about all this, it may take up to 6 months for you to see positive results. If you have a positive result then you can go for an early pregnancy scan. Early pregnancy scan can be done within 6 to 10 weeks of pregnancy. It helps to diagnose whether everything is fine with your pregnancy or not.