Pelvic Pain Treatment in London

What is Endometriosis? – Painful Sex Treatment in London

When the tissue named endometrium starts growing outside the uterus and on ovaries, fallopian tubes and other tissues around the uterus, this condition is termed as endometriosis. You may feel pelvic pain and it mostly causes infertility. The pelvic pain usually occurs during the menstrual cycle.

Many women suffer from pelvic pain, but they do not know the actual cause. This lack of awareness stops them from approaching the right people for their pelvic pain treatment in London.

Pelvic Pain Treatment in London

One of the best endometriosis treatment methods includes surgery, wherein, it helps to alleviate the pain by removing the cysts, endometriosis or diving the adhesions. Various types of surgeries like conservative surgery, radical surgery and complex surgery can be performed. Radical surgery further includes oophorectomy and hysterectomy.

With the help of Well Women Clinic, you no longer have to restrict yourself from getting the right diagnosis and treatment. We are sensitive to the problems faced by women and make sure they receive the help they deserve for their pelvic pain in London.

We recommend that an accurate diagnosis of any ailment is crucial to get the proper treatment and remedy, and chronic pelvic pain is no exception. Most times, the discomfort may be due to underlying reasons which can only be discovered after a thorough examination.

The Well Women Clinic utilises advanced, breakthrough techniques for diagnosis and treatment to find out the root cause of the pelvic pain and solve the issue with the right methods.

What do we offer in pelvic pain treatment?

At the Well Women Clinic, diagnosing the reason for chronic pelvic pain involves an elimination process as there could be many disorders causing it. Our qualified gynaecologist will first ask you about your personal and pelvic health history and will inquire about the extent of your discomfort. The doctor may also ask you to maintain a log of the pain or any other symptoms that you observe. To make the right diagnosis, the doctor will then suggest the following tests:

  • Lab test

  • Pelvic Exam

  • Ultrasound

  • Laparoscopy

  • Consultation with experts

  • Pelvic scan by an endometriosis expert

  • CA125 blood test

You may opt for other tests as well if needed. The results of these tests can also provide various alternatives for painful sex treatment in London.

So, start your fight against chronic pelvic pain and visit the Well Women clinic today.