Abnormal Smear (Pap test)

What does an abnormal smear test mean?
You can have many abnormal cervical smear test results like-

  • Atypical cells (*ASC-US)
  • Low-grade changes (*LSIL)
  • High-grade changes (*HSIL)
  • Glandular cell changes
  • Cancer
How is it treated?
If you have had high grade or low grade changes, you will be referred a colonoscopy. It is important to have colposcopy to get a more accurate picture of the cell changes. The commonest form of treatment is LLETZ (Large Loop Excision of Transformation Zone) .This is commonly carried out under local anaesthesia. After numbing the cervix with local anaesthetic, a wire loop is used to remove the abnormal cells. It is a quick and easy procedure and there is some discomfort, but no sharp pain.